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Render Edge Media Photography Used in Jon Anderson Promotional Video

Jul 16, 2019
Jon Anderson at the Tupelo Music Hall, April 7, 2019

Here's a quick summary of what was used. I've included the images here to more easily reference what's shown in the video. There are 15 total. 0:55-1:05 = 6 shots. 1:57-2:02 = 3 shots. 2:42 = 1 shot 2:44-2:47 = 6 shots (1 repeat) Many Thanks

Many thanks to Anthony Diaz from Deco Talent Services for arranging for the photo pass at the Tupelo, special thanks to Michael Franklin, Jon’s keyboardist and the producer of Jon’s “1000 Hands” album, for his support on-site the night of the concert, and, of course, unbelievable thanks to whomever at Jon Anderson's ...Read More

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