There's more to creating a video than simply filming images and splicing them together. It's about effective communication. You have to tell a story. At Render Edge Media, LLC we start by understanding your needs and objectives, then develop a script that keeps the original goals in mind. The results are a great video that makes your products or services more appealing to your potential customers.


Still images are compelling. They invite the viewer to study the subject and give it meaning. Render Edge Media, LLC provides in-house still photography services to support your media project. From organic food styling to portraits, we have the equipment and experience to approach any subject and create visual images that attract attention.

Website Renovation

If you haven't updated your site in the last 3 years chances are it is obsolete for today's Internet. Is your website optimized for search (called Search Engine Optimization)? Does it use a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress? Does it connect to social media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter? Does it integrate video? If not, you may be in the need of a website renovation from Render Edge Media, LLC.

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Our Bottom Line is all about helping you sell. Whether it's a product, a service, or a public service message, our ultimate goal is to create desire for the things you sell. We craft compelling visual images that attract attention to your products and services to motivate your potential customers to take action. And we'll help you leverage your total visual communications platform: video, still images and other graphic elements, across all media: broadcast, in-store, online and print, to get the maximum message impact and retention.

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Elliot Gould

Elliot Gould, Founderlinked in

Elliot Gould, founder of Render Edge Media, LLC, has over 30 years of film, video, photography, and graphic arts experience. His expertise in video and rich media includes Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Encore, Illustrator and Audition. He develops websites with Wordpress while exploiting custom PHP, jQuery, CSS & HTML to enable content to appear automatically anywhere on the website.

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Shooting Peter Gabriel and Sting with the Sony a7rii

July 6, 2016

Sting at DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts July 2, 2016. Sony has been embarking on an end-around against Canon and Nikon by innovating hard in the mirrorless market. Their flagship a7rii is an amazing, full-frame 42.4M-pixel camera capable of 4K video. Without the need for a mirror, the camera is much smaller than its DSLR counter-parts, ideal for a wide variety of situations, particularly concerts. Many venues ban DSLRs, but these smaller cameras are allowed in, as was the case with the Peter Gabriel-Sting "Rock Paper Scissors" concert at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA on July 2, 2016. I ...Read More

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May 31, 2016

How I Use A Music Editing Technique from Cassettes for Today’s Videos

Extending a music track to meet the duration of a video. It's something I take for granted now. It's very rare that a piece of music will match the length of a video production. Inevitably an edit (or several!) will be required to either extend or reduce the duration of the music so it will fit the video. I've done this so many times now that I don't think much about it - it's become rote for me - but there are some techniques I've honed over the years that ...Read More

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An Interview with Jerry Marotta of the Security Project

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Website Video for Day Care Center

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Meet Meagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts 2015
Beauty Pageants
Aug 19, 2015

Meet Meagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts 2015

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Patriots Training Camp 2015
Jul 31, 2015

Patriots Training Camp 2015

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