Corporate Recruitment Videos and How They Work

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Companies are looking to leverage video to help them attract and close new recruits.

Video is powerful because it’s very engaging. Done right, it can communicate to a prospective employee what is unique about the company, what the company’s values are, their management style, the work atmosphere and how much their current employees love to be there.

Employee Interviews Work Very Well

The beauty with video is its versatility. We’ve honed several approaches that have resonated with clients and produced great results.

One of the most compelling is to let the employees tell their stories in their own words. This comes across as very genuine to the viewer – similar to a testimonial. But it’s not obvious where the best stories reside.

Sometimes the most outgoing folks who appear to be the best to put on camera may not necessarily have the most interesting stories.

To combat this, we interview a cross section of folks to learn their personal perspective on the company. We ask things like what they think is unique about the company, what led them to the company, what is different here versus other places they’ve worked, what do they find most interesting, what do they think is most important, and what would they tell a prospective employee.

From that investigation, we narrow down the best stories, then select and interview those employees on camera. The questions are tailored to elicit the desired responses to put together a cohesive narrative. By interviewing the employees on camera, we get natural, unrehearsed responses.

Another approach is to put together a corporate teaser. Again, employees are used to communicate the desired messages, but an actual script and video shot list are produced. This planning is key to keeping the pace and energy versus the more laid back approach with employee interviews.

Employees and Clients Can Be Leveraged

Yet another approach is using clients as well as employees in the video. Here again the power of story is being leveraged, but this time from the perspective of the results of what the employee does for the company.

For the non-profit Community Caregivers, we focused in on an individual who benefits greatly from the work of the volunteers. We draw the viewer in by showing his daily challenges, then show how the volunteer helps, and, of course, how appreciative both the volunteer and individual are from the relationship. The power of story draws in the viewer and opens their mind to what they could do for others in their community.

Why is Video Important?

Video is a tremendous vehicle because the power of story turns out to be a great way for people to comprehend and retain information. With perceptive interview techniques, the best stories about the company can be extracted from the employee and client base, then turned into a visual presentation that can be used for years to attract new employees.

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