Digital Menu Boards Installed at Romano’s Pizza in Haverhill, MA

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Original Menu Boards at Restaurant.Original Menu Boards at Restaurant.
New Digital Menu Boards installed in Restaurant.New Digital Menu Boards installed in Restaurant with Render Edge Media, LLC organic food beauty photography and custom menu board action.

We recently designed and installed two Digital Menu Boards at Romano’s Pizza located in Haverhill, MA.

We had previously worked with Romano’s on renovating their website. With their website now in great shape and pulling in over 2000 unique visitors per month, they were interested in replacing their tired, old-style menu board. They settled on a pair of 50″ flat panel displays driven by a MacMini.

The goal of the new menu boards was to showcase their food imagery and to have a live, vibrant feel. Knowing that people “eat with their eyes,” we wanted to dedicate a significant section of the menu board to showcase our Organic Food Beauty Photography that we took of their food. The final design essentially dedicates the entire left menu board as the showcase. It rotates twelve items into the “hero” slot – each getting about 12 seconds of air time as the front-and-center item. We added a scroll at the bottom of the display so each item actually stays on the screen for 1:12. This timing might change as the restaurant gets feedback from their customers.

The right menu board had to contain the balance of their menu. This was challenging because they offer an extensive amount of food. We laid out the menu to maximize readability, and found we could not fit everything. To get around this limitation we decided to make the menu dynamic and rotate in some sections every 4.5 seconds. The menu only needs to rotate three times to come back to the beginning, so no item is off screen more than 9 seconds. Again, this timing is subject to change depending on the feedback they receive.

The menu boards are easily updated. The prices on the menu board can be readily updated by the proprietors themselves – an important aspect because they did not want incur additional fees, nor wait, to make simple updates.

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