Debut of Spindel Eye Associates TV Commercial Series

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A new series of TV commercials debuted last week for Spindel Eye Associates located in Derry and Londonderry, NH and is currently expanding into Windham, NH. The series of spots will revolve around the concept that you “might want to get your eyes checked.”

The setting for this spot is a restaurant. Many thanks to the Cafe il Cipresso for letting me use their facility for the video shoot. The restaurant had hired me previously to make a TV commercial for them (see it here). We arrived early to set up and film, so we would be out of everyone’s way by lunch time.

For this story, we hired two actors. A server from the Cafe il Cipresso’s wait staff was kind enough to help us to be the server in the spot.

We actually filmed quite a bit of footage at the table with the couple, but after the video was edited, it was decided to shorten  the front-end of the video in favor of extending the back end. We actually added a second video shoot by going to the eye doctor’s office to film more footage.

Editing is always a difficult thing to do, and the request to extend the back end was a great forcing function to trim the fat in the front end. I believe this made for a tighter spot and got the viewer to the punch line faster – always an important consideration when putting together a commercial.

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