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Elliot Gould interviews icons from the world of rock music, exploring how they approach their craft and reminiscing about their heyday in the industry.

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The Maestro – An Interview with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater Part 3: Improvisation & Writing4258 views


Apr 14, 2020

Jordan Rudess has always had an exceptional ability to play the keyboard. As a nine year old he started going to the Juilliard School of Music Pre-College Division for classical piano training. By his late teens, he wound up pushing against the establishment at Juilliard with his improvistations on the classical pieces he was asked to learn. It's a bit stunning to me that the educators at Juilliard were so focused on training Jordan a certain way that they seem to completely missed his musical genius for being able to riff any style of music off the top of his ...Read More

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The Maestro – An Interview with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater Part 2: Musical App’s

Mar 15, 2020
Jordan Rudess at the LoFaro Center of the Performing Arts, August 17, 2019

The Maestro – An Interview with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater Part 1: Influences

Jan 12, 2020

An Interview with Phil Keaggy

Aug 26, 2019
Keith Emerson’s son, Aaron, and grandson, Ethan, playing “Trilogy” together.

An Interview with Keith Emerson’s Son, Aaron Emerson, and Grandson, Ethan Emerson

Aug 10, 2019
Tony Levin at the LoFaro Center of The Performing Arts, March 3, 2019

Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta and Mike Pachelli performing “The Bucket List”

Apr 21, 2019
Jon Anderson at the Tupelo Music Hall, April 7, 2019

Jon Anderson’s 1000 Hands Tour at the Tupelo Music Hall

Apr 10, 2019
The Music of Cream

The Music of Cream – An Interview with Will Johns and Malcolm Bruce

Apr 1, 2019
Ann Wilson, Jeff Beck and Paul Rodgers at the Blue Hills Bank Pavillion, Boston, MA August 3, 2018
Rock Music Series
Aug 5, 2018
Alan White, Drummer of Yes
Rock Music Series
Jul 18, 2018
Roger Fisher of Heart
Rock Music Series
Jun 1, 2018
Roger Fisher of Heart with the Magic Man Gibson Les Paul
Rock Music Series
Mar 28, 2018
Roger Fisher of Heart playing Barracuda
Rock Music Series
Mar 23, 2018
Roger Fisher of Heart at Dreadnought Brewing, Monroe, Washington, January 7, 2018
Rock Music Series
Mar 15, 2018
Ann Wilson of Heart at Centeral Park New York August 22, 1977
Rock Music Series
Apr 17, 2017
Rock Music Series
Dec 15, 2015
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